Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Washington State Ferries

Occidental and Yesler.

This sign has a lot going on; it is clearly at least a double sign, and I believe probably triple. The clearest words are "Capital","Sperry's Flour", "Co", and then of course "Washington State Ferries", which has been repainted at least once as the "Have Lunch Over Seas" is offset. A lot of tinkering with contrast etc shows what I believe is the word "use" next to "Sperry's Flour". The Sperry Flour company was founded in 1853 in California, but didn't expand to the NW until around 1887. The Washington State Ferries system was established in 1951. I'm very curious about the iron work on the side of the building. The bottom floor of this building currently houses a pizza joint, a soup joint and a printing business.

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norman said...

i designed the washington state ferries sign while working at Trade-Marx sign company (still in business). it was painted to look aged by Ron Beloit. I would guess this was done in approximately 1978.