Friday, October 16, 2009

Nelson Warehouse

Harrison and Yale, South Lake Union

Clearly a double sign, but I'm unable to make out what's beneath "Nelson". Let me know what you think.

Another building being restored, unfortunately I don't know anything about this one yet. Will update when I learn more.

Coca Cola / Senart's Oyster House

8th and G SE, Washington D.C.

Some lovely green color left in these:

Drink Coca Cola It's Refreshing 5c

Senart's Oyster House

Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture many ghost signs while visiting the east coast; either they were a blur as I whizzed past on the train or it was too dark and I was too far away to capture them. I did manage to get this fantastic Coca Cola / Senart's ad since it was street level and very easily accessible. This is my second Coca Cola sign, neither of which are in Seattle. I believe that's "2 and 0" in baseball speak.