Friday, October 16, 2009

Nelson Warehouse

Harrison and Yale, South Lake Union

Clearly a double sign, but I'm unable to make out what's beneath "Nelson". Let me know what you think.

Another building being restored, unfortunately I don't know anything about this one yet. Will update when I learn more.


Peter Vogel said...
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MrCachet said...

You might want to check out this blog post by Seattle photographer Chuck Pefley for the location of a possible ---

Jess said...

Thanks MrCachet! I appreciate you telling folks about the site! that is indeed a good sign he's got there, and I will post it very soon!

Jess said...

Peter, I see the "Nelson Warehouse" part, but underneath that there is another, older, word that began with an "S", and ended in "inc." which you can make out next to the "N" of "Nelson".

Peter Vogel, Sign maker said...

Great site. Have been following Portland Brick Ads and Vintage Portland also. I'm making ghost sign reproductions and get inspiration from sites like yours. Bsuiness is growing slowly ... but surely!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess...Michael King from King-5 here. Could you email me? I'd like to do an Evening Magazine story on the ghost signs in Seattle.
I'm at

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jasonk said...

HI Jess,

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ol'red said...

Please send me an email at:, I'm looking for someone to uncover an historic sign.
Frank in Mount Vernon, WA

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