Tuesday, September 16, 2008


12th and Madison, Capitol Hill

I believe this advertisement is for Oldsmobile, though the "l" and the "e" of the word don't look right to me. Fascinating that it was painted in reverse, to look correct to drivers in their rear-view mirrors! Great find!


Third and University, Downtown

I was admiring the awesome Seattle Tower when I noticed this on the building adjacent. This was the local Ma Bell building, natch. I wish we could see the wording.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Motor Co.

Broadway and Union, Capitol Hill

I'll try not to get too depressed about this and instead focus on the fact that we can actually still see the color and artistry of the sign that once was.

H.W. Baker Linen Co.

10th and Union, Capitol Hill

I can't get over how perfect this sign still is, it must be fairly new in terms of ghost signs. In fact, google tells me that this company still exists, though certainly not in this building any longer.

Service Station

11th between Pine and Pike, Capitol Hill

Looks like I captured this on just the right day. Though its hard to tell, the lettering probably says "Overland" which reader MrCachet points out in the comment section here was a popular car in the early 1900's. The only legible wording left is:

"Service Station"

Physican [sic]

10th and Pine, Capitol Hill

A total guess, but my instinct tells me that this was an advertisement for some kind of physician preparation school. I believe the ad *probably* once said:


Yeah. They misspelled "Physician". This sign has since been covered by a modern advertisement.

7/22/09- UPDATE: the modern (vinyl?) sign has been removed and the original ghostie is in tact!