Thursday, March 12, 2009

Standard Warehouse

First St. near Railroad Way, SODO

I can't quite make this out, but looks like it may have once said "Standard Warehouse Co. Inc."? Tell me what you think.


dan said...

I agree with "Standard Warehouse Co. Inc." in white letters. Painted over that in black is "Bass-Hueter Paint Co."

Jess said...

Wow Dan, good eye!

MrCachet said...

I have a sister who lives on Magnolia, my brother-in-law has a stand at Pike's Place where he sells his photos. I put my art work on old paper - primarily bills and receipts from the turn of the century through the Forties. I came here via a Google image search for Holsum bread, but didn't find what I was interested in. I did however scroll down enough to see the Service Station post - and the 'fancy' lettering appears to be "Overland", as that was a popular brand of automobile in the Teens.