Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mutual Life Insurance

605 First Avenue South
1st and Yesler (seen from Post Ave.)

Fun Facts:
-This building is on the original site of Yesler's Cookhouse.
-When built, it was called The Yesler Building.
-Mutual Life bought the building in 1897
-The building was restored in the 1980's
-Prior to it's restoration and current owner Historic Seattle, the building had four owners: Henry Yesler, the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, Shafer Brothers Land Company, and Dr. S. T. Magnuson.

Click on the bottom photo to enlarge. There are three additional ghost signs visible in this photo: the Black Bear Beans sign, the Lovera Cigars sign and a third "..ale.." which I can't quite figure out.

For more interesting information on this historic Pioneer Square building, please visit


Shannon said...

Hi, Jess! Cliffe over at directed me to you, as I was going to start sending him photos of Seattle ghost ads to post on his site. Last time I looked, in the summer, there was no equivalent. But here you are now! I'm very glad that someone is doing this.

I did get one ghost ad post up on his site, you can see it here:

There's a great ghost ad in the U. District on The Ave., near 43rd St., for the Jazz Alley, back before it moved downtown. You should document it before it fades too much! :)

Jess said...

Thanks Shannon, I'll definitely check it out and get it up as soon as I can!