Friday, December 26, 2008

Gim Ling

Seventh and Lane, Chinatown

Sam Sloan Cigar

Sixth and Weller, Chinatown

Sam Sloan was a railroad tycoon as well as president of several large corporations including Western Union. For more details, follow this link-

Not sure where the cigars come into his story- I assume this store sold these cigars, but am unclear about whether it had something to do with our railroad or something else entirely. Curious!

Shanghai Hotel

King and Seventh, Chinatown

I have no idea what this "Queen" sign is, but it appears in two separate locations within just a few blocks in Chinatown... I just can't get what that last word is!

Michigan House... 15c

Seventh and Weller, Chinatown

Though they share a wall, the lettering below is different than Michigan House lettering above which was likely a hotel. This lettering is advertising *something* for 15 cents... the cheapest rooms seem to have run around 25 cents, though I suppose this ad could be much older. More research required here.

Bush Garden

Maynard and Lane, Chinatown

OK Hotel

Alaskan Way and Main, Pioneer Square

My photo was taken from the right side of the building. If you look closely, you can see the address:

"212 RR Ave."

Now, that's excitin'!

Railroad Ave became Alaskan Way I believe around 1936 or so. Follow this Wikipedia entry to learn more.

The Hotel has been an important aspect of the Seattle music scene, and now operates as an art gallery. Follow this link for more history and current information about the O.K.:

Black Bear Brand

1st and Main, Pioneer Square

I originally titled this post as Black Bear Beans, but recently found this photograph in a book about Pioneer Square which nails it down:

Black Bear Manufacturing made overalls and even had a line catering to the ladies!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Frye Hotel Garage

Washington and Occidental, Pioneer Square

What's somewhat interesting is that the Frye Hotel is 2 blocks east of here, which doesn't seem very convenient unless the hotel had valet service.

Hotel U.S.

Jackson and Maynard, Chinatown