Friday, December 26, 2008

Black Bear Brand

1st and Main, Pioneer Square

I originally titled this post as Black Bear Beans, but recently found this photograph in a book about Pioneer Square which nails it down:

Black Bear Manufacturing made overalls and even had a line catering to the ladies!


John McLarty said...

I have a down hooded jacket with black bear manufacturing seattle on the garment label. not sure when it was made

Anonymous said...

I inherited a Black Bear wool shirt from my grandfather in 2003. The label shows "Black Bear" & in small print - "Black Manufacturing Company, Seattle." I do not know the date of manufacture, but the shirt was excellently made. I often wear it and have wondered about the company. The shirt is very thick, has two chest pockets and functions like a jacket/shirt. The color is heather-grey. If they made everything this well, I am impressed.